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Solar Panels in Mountains

Your Future  Regenerative Business Starts Today

Simple to apply for certification. One of our accredited regeneratists will outline the key steps in getting your business enrich certified

We Made
a Promise

Being sustainable isn't good enough. Businesses need to be regenerative to futureproof our economy,​ humankind and fundamentally our planet.


Enrich has been created by business leaders who specialise in tech, agriculture, supply chain, banking and the built environment. They recognise the mindset has to shift from using the natural environment as a resource to plunder to being an ecosystem which humans and business are part of, working and thriving as one.

Just like the natural environment, enrich certification is continually evolving using the outcomes of new technology and approaches that enable a truly regenerative approach. We've made a promise that enrich certification helps make the planet better. 


enrich certifies all aspects of your business. Our accredited regeneratists will work with you to help you understand quick regenerative wins.

Regenerative Agriculture

A focus on topsoil regeneration, increasing biodiversity, improving the water cycle, enhancing ecosystem services, supporting biosequestration and increasing resilience to climate change.

Regenerative Processing & Distribution

Analysing the processing and distribution of a raw commodity into a finished product including energy and water usage with a target of zero waste, zero synthetic chemicals and zero fossil-based.

Regenerative Packaging

Identifying how to reduce packaging and associated energy, water and nasty chemicals to produce it. The aim is re-usable or biodegradable or recyclable with a target of zero waste, zero landfill and zero fossil-based.

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