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100% Plant-Based Plastic

Durham Farms, swaps from glass bottles to 100% plant-based plastic bottles, made locally in New Zealand.

Hollie Mason of Durham Farms, says "We are continually looking at ways to make our entire business 100% regenerative, from farm to store. Switching to a 100% plant-based plastic bottle for our certified organic A2 whole milk, is part of this journey. We are proud to say these bottles do not use any fossil-fuels in their production. In addition, these plant-based bottles, just like our existing glass bottles, are returnable in store for re-use. At the end of life, they are 100% recyclable and can be made again into our milk bottles."

Durham Farms certified organic and regenerative A2 whole milk in 100% plant-based plastic bottles is being launched February 2023 in New Zealand.

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