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The Path to a Regenerative Future

Regenerative is the ability to restore, renew or regrow. A world first certification to enable business, humankind and nature to thrive. Being regenerative is more than being sustainable. Sustainable just maintains at a steady level without depleting natural resources or damaging the natural environment. However, sustainable is not enough when the natural resources have been depleted or the natural environment has been damaged. This is why this regenerative certification has been created to guide businesses to become regenerative forever.

Simple to implement, measure & manage

Based on proven scientific & economic principles, an evolving certification applicable to any business

Innovation - Driven Solutions

The enrich logo is a symbol to show that your products, supply chain & business enable the planet and humans to thrive together

Green Indoors

Data-Powered Certification

A certification that uses real data to determine success 

Next Generation Technologies

A certification that works with agile mindset to continually evolve for the better using technology




Rapidly improve

Devised by a business analyst to  continually improve business outcomes using Agile Mindset 



Regenerative agriculture

Applied to farming to enable food forever

Recent News

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